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Bonnie Camp

One of the most Beautiful Watchtowers
Bonnie Camp, is one of the most beautiful watchtowers in the Sundarbans. This watchtower, 50 feet high, is the highest watchtower in the Sundarbans. It is quite close to the Bay of Bengal and generally takes around 06 hrs to reach from Sajnekhali by a six cylinder boat.

Like all other watchtowers of Sundarbans, there is a sweet-water pond where the wildlife of Sundarbans frequent throughout the day.

The ambience of the watchtower is absolutely fabulous and one gets the feeling of being marooned on a desolate island when one spends the night at Bonnie camp. The lurking fear of the Royal Bengal Tiger and the barking of the deer at night add an eerie feeling to this destination. In fact, on a moonlit night, the view of the jungle from the watchtower crisscrossed with rivulets and creeks all around is a treat for the eyes.

There is a tourist rest house at Bonnie camp for overnight stay. However, there is no electricity (only solar lights) or AC in the rooms. Prior booking is needed to stay overnight there.

India Beacons Sojourn arranges for requisite stay permissions for their guests.ales.